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First choice for yacht builders

We have installations on more yachts globally than any other brand.

The world’s most prestigious yacht builders know that technology integration and control plays a huge role the modern yachting experience, and when they want to install the best, high-end systems, they come to us. Through this collaboration, we enhance marine living spaces by seamlessly integrating the systems across each yacht, with intuitive control via tablet or smart phone.


Marine settings are incredibly demanding on technology. We create robust, compact, physically-secure and reliable equipment. And with global technical support to ensure that any technical issue, upgrade or system modification is resolved within 48 hours, anywhere in the world (24 hours for UK clients), we also create peace of mind.


Orca is 100% British, from our London software development centre to our Dorset based manufacturing facilities right down to the high-end components we use. Our full time Research & Development team have extensive experience within the industry and have a structured development process to ensure that, as technology evolves, any additional features being integrated with our systems are successfully implemented, keeping us and our customers at the cutting edge. All parts of the process, from design to precision engineering and testing, to manufacturing and the strictest quality control, are performed by our in-house teams.


Orca was born out of a marine market whose audiovisual and automation technology was found to be lacking. Having first-hand experience in all aspects of on-board electronics on yachts from 10-80m over a 20 year period, the founders decided there had to be different approach. With the backing of private investors from the marine technology sector, Orca was afforded the time, flexibility and creative freedom to create exceptional solutions that would take the high-end yachting industry by storm, almost immediately after entering the market.